Western Avenue Improvements

This project consists of roadway improvements along Western Avenue in the City of Westfield from the intersection of Bates Road extending easterly for approximately 2.4 miles to the intersection of Court, High and Mill Streets. Western Avenue is classified as an Urban Minor Arterial that serves the Westfield State University Campus, Stanley Park recreational area, the Highland Elementary School, and several residential neighborhoods.

Western Avenue Intersection

Improvements will generally include the following:

  • Reconstruction of the Court St / Mill St / High St Intersection;
  • Reconstruction of the Mill St / West Silver Street Intersection;
  • Reconstruction of the existing Westwood Drive signal at the WSU entrance;
  • Construction of a new traffic signal at Laura Drive;
  • Addition of center left turn lanes at various locations;
  • Pavement reclamation with areas of full-depth pavement reconstruction;
  • New pavement and curbing;
  • Minor modifications to roadway profile with uniform cross sectional geometry to improve drainage;
  • Wider shoulders for enhanced bicycle accommodations;
  • Pedestrian improvements including pedestrian signals, crosswalks and handicap ramps;
  • Traffic signs and pavement markings;
  • Reconstruction of side street intersections and driveway aprons to meet new roadway grades;
  • Drainage improvements including a new stormwater collection system;
  • Extension and reconstruction of the sanitary sewer main;
  • New water service connections and hydrants to the 12” water main;
  • Corridor landscape restoration.

Central Phase

Western Avenue Central Phase 100% Drawings

Western Avenue Central Phase 75% Drawings

25% Right of Way Plans Central Phase

January 31, 2016 Public Hearing Handout

East Phase

Western Ave, East Phase 25% Submission