Emergency Only 911

* Business Only (413)562-5411
* Alternate Emergency Number (413)568-6285
* TDD (413)568-9181
* Chief John Camerota (413)562-2133
* Captain Michael McCabe (413)572-6300
* Captain Hipolito Nunez (413)642-9393
* Detective Bureau (413)572-6400
* Traffic Bureau (413)562-4597


Auxiliary Police


Robert Sorel  Director

Donald Humason Auxiliary Lieutenant

Jon Jedlicka Auxiliary Sergeant

At this time we are not accepting anymore applications, we are at full capacity. 3-27-2015


If you are looking for experience in the field of law enforcement or you are a community minded adult with a full time job or career or you are retired and interested in helping the Westfield Police Department in service to our community then the Westfield Police Department Auxiliary Police Force could be the answer.

The Westfield Police Department Auxiliary Force is a volunteer organization committed  to assisting the Westfield Police Department in serving the citizens of Westfield. Their duties and responsibilities consist of patrolling and safeguarding parks, playgrounds and municipal buildings. They also assist Westfield Police Officers at large gatherings and accident scenes. In addition they help at special events such as the Little League Parade, the Memorial Day Parade, the Fireworks and many other events during the year.

Auxiliary Police are trained to a high level of police work. They receive much of the same training that is required of a full-time police officer. Many of our Auxiliary Officers have become full-time police officers not only in Westfield but at all levels, Federal, State and Municipal.


Must have a valid Massachusetts driver's license

Must be 21 years of age

Must be a Massachusetts resident

Must have an active Massachusetts License to carry Firearms

Must attend and complete the Reserve Intermittent Academy

Must complete all Westfield Police Department in house training