Emergency Only 911

* Business Only (413)562-5411
* Alternate Emergency Number (413)568-6285
* TDD (413)568-9181
* Chief John Camerota (413)562-2133
* Captain Michael McCabe (413)572-6300
* Captain Hipolito Nunez (413)642-9393
* Detective Bureau (413)572-6400
* Traffic Bureau (413)562-4597


Community Police Unit

The Community Police Unit of the Westfield Police Department consists of five officers and one supervisor.  The unit's main objective is to provide proactive police services.  By cultivating partnerships with businesses, residents, politicians, civic organizations, and anyone else willing to contribute, the Community Police Unit is able to identify issues before they become problematic.  Members of the unit are then able to work together with community members to come up with solutions to the problems they identified. 

Unit Commanding Officer----Sergeant Eric Hall

Below is a listing of all streets with a dedicated community police officer.


 901 - Officer Nacewicz 902 - Officer Magdycz 903 - Officer Bard 904 - Officer Mejias 907 Officer Carboneau
        (Business District Only)
Arnold Street (residential) Colfax Street Bartlett Street (residential) Arch Road Arnold Street
Belmont Street Columbia Place Birge Ave Atwater Street Bartlett Street
Central Street Columbia Street Casimir St Auburn Street Broad Street
Church Street (residential) Dartmouth Street Chapel Street (residential) Buschmann Ct. Chapel street
Clark Street Delancy Street Cherry Street Collins Street Church Street
Conner Ave Fowler St. Ext. Dubois Street Colonial Pine Acres Court Street (to YMCA)
Cowles Court Grant Street E. Bartlett Street Crown Street Dewey Court
Ellis Street Greenwood Street Elm Street (odd residential) Curtis Street Elm Street
Elm Street (even residential) Harvard Street Fowler Street Demond Street Franklin Street (to DB Mart)
Ford Ave Katherine Street Frederick Street Ethan Ave Main Street (to Discount Liquors)
Franklin Ave Lower Sandy Hill Road Free Street Hillside Ave Orange Street
Franklin Street (residential) Morgan Ave George Street Lockhouse Road School Street
Kellogg Street Mosely Avenue Hamlin Place Milton Ave Thomas Street
Lincoln Street Neck Road Hanover Street Montgomery Street  
Maple Street North Elm Street Lawton St. Murray Ave  
Morris Ave Notre Dame Street Lewis Street North Elm St. (even)  
Morris Street Princeton Street Main Street (residential) Norton Street  
Orange Street (residential) Pumpkin Lane Meadow Street Notre Dame St.  
Provin Terr Railroad Ave Mechanic Street Oakdale St.  
Sackett Street Sunflower Lane Miller Street Parker Ave  
School Street (residential) Vernon Street Monroe Street Pinewood Lane  
Shepard Street Westminster Street North Cherry Street Pochassic Street  
Sherman Street Williams Riding Way Otis Street Prospect St. Ext (up to 154)  
Sibley Ave Woodmont Street Park Street Prospect Street  
Spring Street   Parkside Ave Ridgeway Street  
Summer Street   Phelps Ave Southampton Rd. (even to 50)  
Washington Street   St. Paul Street Twiss Street  
    Sycamore Street W. Parker Ave  
    Thomas Street (residential)    
    White Street    
    William Street