Application Submissions

Submitting Applications to the Conservation Commission

The Wetlands Protection Act requires two hard copies of all documents submitted to the local Conservation Commission.In an effort to save paper, the Westfield Commission requests they receive one hard copy of all documents when those documents are also electronically submitted via email. If you are unable to submit applications digitally, then please submit two hard copies.

You must also send one copy of all documents to:

The Department of Environmental Protection
Western Region
Wetlands Division
436 Dwight Street
Springfield, MA 01103

At its discretion, the commission may request an applicant to submit seven hard copies of materials and/or digital submittal of project information, and further, may request an applicant to present plans and accompanying materials via multimedia methods such as using computers, smart boards and/or large screen projectors. This request applies to large scale projects only.

Hearing Dates & Deadlines for Conservation Meetings