Sanitary Sewer Master Plan


The Sanitary Sewer Program was arrived at in conjunction with the Environmental Impact Report for the expansion of the Water Pollution Control Facility. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) required identification of those areas to receive sanitary sewer extensions for which treatment capacity was being designed. A similar undertaking, known as the Facilities Plan, had been conducted when the treatment facility was first constructed in 1973. Questionnaires were mailed out to all residents inquiring into septic system problems. An extension program, also known as the Strategic Plan, was then developed which has been only partially completed. That plan was then modified based upon input from the department’s of Health, Public Works and Engineering.

Recently Completed Projects

Below are links to sanitary sewer improvements recently completed in Westfield. The Engineering Department has engaged consultants for several other sewer improvements that are not shown below. If you have any questions, please call the Engineering Department at (413) 572-6219.

Plantation Circle Pump Station

Little River Road, Route 187 (MassDOT)

Joseph Ave Sewer Improvements

Montgomery Road Pump Station

Ridgecrest Neighborhood Sewer Extension

Pineridge Sanitary Sewer Extension