Introduction to Our Department


The Westfield Police Department is located at 15 Washington Street.

Police Commission

A three member Police Commission appointed by the Mayor has the charge, management, and control of the officers and members of the Westfield Police Department.

The Westfield Police Department When at Full Staffing Has the Following Members

  • 82 full-time sworn police officers (all full-time and reserve officers except the Chief of Police are covered under Civil Service)
  • 19 reserve police officers
  • 35 Auxiliary Police Officers (volunteer branch of the department)
  • 15 Special Police Officers
  • 4 full-time clerical positions
  • 3 full-time Animal Control Officers
  • 6 full-time school crossing guards
  • 3 substitute school crossing guards

John A. CamerotaA word from the Police Chief


The City of Westfield is home to over 40,000 residents, and over 5000 seasonal residents in our community attending Westfield State University.  At full staff our police department consists of 82 sworn officers, 19 sworn reserve officers, 35 auxiliary police officer (volunteers), nine special officers, four civilian clerical employees, three animal control officers, and six school crossing guards.  

The City of Westfield is a great place to live, work, play and raise a family.  With the current tensions across America between police and the communities they serve the Westfield Police Department has earned the respect and support of the citizens of Westfield.  As a department we believe in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, we recognize the badge of office as a symbol of public faith and public trust and will continue to put service before self. Our officers are dedicated to making Westfield a safe and desirable community.  We have been successful in this endeavor because of the hard work and commitment of the men and women in uniform, but also because of the partnerships and support we have from our community.  As a forward looking agency, we are always seeking innovative ways to reduce crime, fear of crime, disorder, improve quality of life, and best serve our community.  This is made easier with public input, suggestions and cooperation.  The support we receive from the community where we live, play, and work is the basis of a true partnership and has helped to make Westfield the sought-after community it is.  Remember, we all have a responsibility to our community, get involved and be proud of it.

Please check back to our website often for important news and updates about our city and your police department.  We always welcome your feedback, so please contact us with any concerns, suggestions or comments.  

John Camerota
Chief of Police

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