Community Police Resource Center

Community Police Store frontThe Community Police Resource Center was opened in June of 2016 and is located at 71 Elm Street in Westfield.  The Resource Center is a location outside the police department were you can file reports, pick up forms, ask questions of officers, and do many of the other things you can do at the main police station.

In addition to these traditional police services, the Community Police Resource Center offers many other benefits to the public.  Since June of 2016, the Center has hosted Narcan trainings, has been the base of operations for non-profit organizations hosting events in the downtown area, and served as a gathering place for small community meetings.  In the near future, the Center will be hosting other non-profit organizations who can assist people with many areas of concern including substance abuse, domestic issues, abuse counseling and assistance, financial advising, and much more.

The center is open Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 6 pm, at which time it is staffed completely by volunteers.  Five Community Police Officers work out of the Center and are also available randomly or by appointment at other times throughout the day.  As other organizations partner with the police department to offer services to the public, information will be updated as to times and specific services that will be accessible. 

If you have questions or would just like to say hello, stop down Monday through Friday between 2 and 6 pm, or whenever the open sign is displayed.