Water Restriction Information

With cooling temperatures and the scent of fall in the air, many people look to improve their plantings and put in new grass for their lawns. If you look around the city, folks are getting their plants ready for the season changes that are coming up quickly. With extra time at home for many people this year, there has been an increased focus on yard maintenance and beautification.

However, since the entire state of Massachusetts has been in a significant drought since the middle of our dry summer, this may not be a good year to add new plants, establish new turf, or expand your irrigation system. In fact, Westfield has had water restrictions in place since June to attempt to mitigate the effects of this water shortage. Those restrictions are still in place today, and will remain until the Board of Water Commissioners determines that the shortage of water is no longer a concern for the water system.  

Water restrictions are a useful tool that helps to ensure that there is enough water for everyone. The restrictions in place right now allow everyone to have their turn for outdoor watering and other non-essential water use, they just guide the timing of that usage. For example, the restrictions state that watering should be done before 9am or after 5pm. This is not only the best time for the water system, it is also the most efficient and beneficial time for plants to be watered in order to avoid scorching delicate plants and to reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation, which the resident pays for but never makes it to the plants at all. Additionally, non-essential water use is allowed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for odd numbered homes, and Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday for even numbered homes. No non-essential water use is allowed on Mondays to allow the system to recover from weekend usage. 

So if you’re looking to irrigate your lawn, wash your car, power wash your deck, or hose down your driveway, please follow the guidance of the water use restriction. This will help sustain the valuable and limited water resources that we are blessed with in Westfield, and protect the system so that it is available for all. Your anticipated cooperation is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact the DPW-Water Division at 413-572-6269.

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