I-90 Interchange 41 Improvements

Over the past several decades, the City has been working to improve the safety, congestion, and flow of traffic throughout the downtown, namely along the Route 10-202 corridor. Recent projects such as Great River Bridge, Park Square Green, and the North Elm-Notre Dame Intersection Improvements have significantly helped alleviate such issues, with the Interchange 41 intersection being one of the last major hurdles in this effort. This project aims to resolve or greatly improve several issues that currently exist in the area: 1) the A.M. northbound traffic in Westfield merging eastbound onto I-90, 2) the P.M. westbound traffic getting off Interchange 41 on I-90, 3) the southbound traffic traveling through the intersection along Route 10-202, and 4) the conflict of the traffic signal at Arch Road and 10-202, located a short 400+/- feet south of the major interchange intersection. A collaborative effort between MassDOT and the City is required to address these issues affecting both I-90 and Westfield's road network. A study with alternatives has been conducted, and both parties are looking to advance into the design stage. A timeline for the project, including construction, will be determined at a later date.

Click on the link below to view a slideshow presentation of the improvements proposed to Interchange 41:

Interchange 41 Improvements