Purchasing Objectives

The securing of goods and services necessary for the operation of municipal government is a major responsibility. The city views its relationships with vendors, suppliers and contractors as a business partnership where all parties must work together to produce a favorable outcome for the citizens of the City of Westfield.

Under supervision of the director of purchasing, the City of Westfield Purchasing Department:
  • Implements and administers the purchasing polices and practices of the city
  • Provides procurement support to city departments and commissions
  • Coordinates the disposal of surplus property and supplies
  • Verifies that purchases of goods and services are made in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances
  • Ensures that all purchases are obtained in the best interest of the city
  • Maintains procurement records in accordance with MGL c30B, MGL c149, MGL c30§39M.
The purchasing department strives to maintain the city’s reputation for fairness and integrity and promotes impartial and equal treatment to all who wish to conduct business with the city. We promote social and economic goals such as encouraging small, minority, women-owned and local businesses to participate in bidding of city purchases.

Open Door Policy

An invitation to all concerned citizens is issued in regards to the city operation in fair, open and honest practices. Any citizen or vendor who has concerns over the fairness of the bid or Proposal process should feel free to contact me to address those concerns. This office has an open door policy so that any vendor or resident can visit to discuss the monetary expenditures in the procurement of goods and services.

Vendors interested in conducting business with the City of Westfield should write to the above address on company letterhead telling of the products and/or services that are available from their company.