Why are there different systems?

There are different systems due to the various reasons that departments in the City may need to notify citizens.   We specifically separate Emergency notifications for there are many residents with no children in the school system, thus they do not want to receive school alerts.  There are many citizens who choose not to receive non-emergency alerts.  Many citizens choose only to be notified of emergency situations.

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1. Who will use the Rave Alert / Smart 911 System?
2. How does this differ from what I already signed up for at my kid’s school?
3. What types of messages will I receive?
4. Why are there different systems?
5. How do I sign up?
6. When I go to sign up, it asks a lot of questions, why?
7. Is my information secure and how is it used?
8. How will I know it is an alert message?
9. Why did we choose Rave?
10. Who should I contact if I have more questions?