Emergency Management

Westfield Emergency Management Agency

It is our mission to be ready to assist in the protection of the City of Westfield. We must identify potential risks to the citizens, government, and businesses of the city, work with other departments and agencies to mitigate these risks, and be prepared to respond as necessary to assist our emergency response personnel. We must be able to assist with recovery operations to restore our city after any major emergency.

We must work closely with our police, fire and public health officials, along with other city departments, to ensure we have a cohesive team to respond to any emergency which may occur. We must also work closely with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, federal agencies, local Red Cross, hospitals, schools, civil air patrol, Massachusetts Army and Air National Guard, other towns, and our local businesses to be prepared to obtain and provide assistance, open shelters, and ensure safety.

The agency is an active member of the local emergency planning committee supported by several local business and city departments.