Emergency Notifications

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The City of Westfield Utilizes a system called Rave Alert / Smart 911 where you can sign up for specific emergency notification lists to be included on.  

Click on the link below to register and choose how you want to be notified.

Note:  If you have registered for any other Westfield notification systems such as public schools, WG&E or the city website notifications for news, parking bans, meetings, etc.,  this is in addition to those systems.  The Rave Alert / Smart 911 has unique capabilities for significant or major emergencies and will be used for such events.

In addition, through this system you may choose to receive alerts from other Smart 911 communities, should you be traveling in a community which also uses the Smart 911 system.

Westfield citizens may have registered in the past with a product called Rapid Notify. Rapid Notify was purchased by Rave Mobile Safety.  If you registered previously, you must register again at the links below.  Past information is not available to us and cannot be moved over to the new system.

This system is for notifications via cell phone, home phone, email and/or text for significant or major emergency situations.   You will receive alerts on what you sign up for.

Join today to receive alerts on emergency situations or major impacts to the City of Westfield.   Unless you choose to, you will not receive any non-emergency related notifications.  You may choose to be notified by phone, email or text.  

Click on this link to register:   https://www.smart911.com/smart911/ref/reg.action?pa=westfieldma

If you have already registered and want to make updates, utilize the link below:


If you have questions, please review the FAQ which should be able to able to answer them.

Ensure your family is aware of emergencies in the community.   Tell your friends and family to sign up today.    If you have questions, please leave a message at (413) 568-1222 and someone will contact you.