Lawn Care Information

Ask Before You Begin

It is always best to ask the Commission about your project, regardless of size before you begin. Please contact the Conservation Commission at (413) 572-6281 with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to assist you and protect the environment at the same time.

Be Careful With Chemicals

Do you know what comes out of your weed killer bottle or the lawn care spray truck? Chemicals – many of which can be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife, and plants. Those chemicals don’t just make your lawn green, they also pose a threat to your drinking water and your family. The Commission strongly recommends that you avoid using chemicals anywhere on your property due to these potential hazards. For example, if you live next to a wetland or waterbody, fertilizers can cause excessive plant growth in the water, harming both the environment and aesthetics. Try to opt for natural lawn care alternatives that achieve the same results, but with less environmental impacts.

Watering Your Lawn

The Commission also recommends you use water responsibly when maintaining your lawn or other landscaping. Excessive lawn watering contributes to severe low-flow conditions in streams and rivers in all but the wettest of years.