Police Youth Cadet Program

The Westfield Police Cadet program was established in 1994 as the Westfield Police Explorers under the Boys Scout of America. In January of 2015, the program became part of NERLEEA (Northeast Regional Law Enforcement Educational Association), and we changed our name to Westfield Police Cadets and became a youth nonprofit organization.

The Westfield Police Cadet Program is open to anyone ages 14-20 including non-Westfield residents who are interested in a career in law Enforcement. Members must have good standing within their community and school. Each member must sign a rules and regulations contract upon membership to the program. Members are provided with free uniforms.

Police Cadets attend weekly meetings at the Westfield Police Department on Mondays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. During the weekly meetings members are instructed by police officers on several different topics including defensive tactics, Massachusetts General Laws, and response to police related calls. We also take field trips to other Law Enforcement agencies and have Law Enforcement Officers from outside agencies speak about their jobs. Members in good standing are allowed to attend the week-long Police Cadet Academy which is held by NERLEEA during July.

Westfield Police Cadets volunteer during many events including the Westfield Fireworks, parades, bike rodeos, and road races, just to name a few. Every member is required to volunteer a set amount of events/hours each year. The Cadet program is structured like a functioning police department with a rank and file leadership system that includes a Cadet Captain, Cadet Lieutenant, and Cadet Sergeants.

The program is run by Detective Christopher Coach and Detective Rick Mazza. Both Detective Coach and Detective Mazza were members of this program when they were in high school. Lieutenant Eric Hall and Captain Steven Dickinson oversee the program.

If you have any questions or want to join, please check our Facebook page "City of Westfield Police Cadets" or email Detective Coach or email Detective Mazza.