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Assessors - Residential Sales Questionnaire

  1. The State Department of Revenue mandates that all cities and towns conduct a re-valuation of all properties at 100% full and fair market value every 5 years.  

    Sale prices are used to estimate fair market value of similar properties which have not sold. This information takes only a few minutes to complete and is necessary for the fairness and equability in the valuation of all properties. 

  2. Listed By:*
  3. Was there any personal property or inventory involved in the sale?*
  4. Was this sale between related individuals?*
  5. Was property remodeled before sale?*
  6. Was this property remodeled after sale?*
  7. Finished Basement Area?*
  8. If Yes, is it
  9. Central Air:*
  10. Your reply is greatly appreciated.

    Westfield Board of Assessors

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