Inspection Services

Food Establishment Inspections

The Health Department licenses and inspects Food Establishments in accordance with 105 CMR 590 and the 2013 FDA Food Code. For licensing information see Application & Fee Schedule. In October 2018 the State amended their regulations and adopted the 2013 Food Code. The following links provide useful information to Food Establishment owners and managers:

Septic Systems - Title 5

This state regulation governs the construction and repair of septic systems. A percolation test must be conducted on each new home in the city served by a septic system and for any existing home where the system is in failure. The test must be witnessed by a representative from the health department. Designs of the new system need to be reviewed and approved by the department and an inspection of the system must be conducted when installed but prior to being back-filled.

If you have a septic system and sewer is available on your street there is currently no requirement that you connect to the city sewer unless your septic system is in failure.

If you are unfamiliar with going through the Title 5 process please see the “Title 5 Info Sheet” for a guide.

Housing Inspections

The Health Department is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Massachusetts State Sanitary Code (105 CMR 410.000). These regulations include elements ranging from minimum standards of fitness for human habitation to disorderly parcels of land that may impact public health and well-being.

Any resident of Westfield has the right to file a complaint with the health department if it suspected that conditions exist in their dwelling unit or common and exterior areas which may be in violation of the sanitary code. To facilitate an inspection of the property, a complaint must be submitted to the department in writing so that an appointment may be scheduled. Telephone complaints will only be accepted in the case of an emergency.

Housing Complaint Form w/ Cover (PDF)

Other Inspections

All public and semi-public pools must be inspected annually well as recreational camps, tanning salons, and any situations that endanger the health and welfare of residents needs to be investigated by the department.