Board of Health License Fee Schedule

Click on the links below for the application. Contact the Business License Department at (413) 572-6202 before completing the application in order to verify that you are applying for the correct license and to get any other forms or information that may be required for your license.

*Applications for Food Service Class 4, Percolation Tests, and Well Construction are processed in the Health Department. Contact us at (413)572-6210 for questions regarding these applications. 


CLASS I Food service establishment (food preparation, PHF handling/service)

CLASS II Mobile food vendors and catering license.

CLASS III Residential kitchen, Retail markets (pre-packaged only), Limited food preparation (Bars, private clubs, Day care) Non-profit organizations.

CLASS IV Temporary food establishments (14 days or less)

Limited Food Preparation - preparation of non-potentially hazardous food (PHF) or preparation of food in conjunction with a single event lasting no more than 24 hours by organizations such as, but not limited to, private clubs, churches, and non-profit organizations.

Potentially Hazardous Food (PHF) - a food that is natural or synthetic and that requires temperature control because it is in a form capable of supporting the rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All establishments in Class I as well as PHF Mobile food vendors are required to employ a certified food protection manager.