Burning Permits

Open Burning season begins on January 15, 2023 and runs through May 1, 2023.

New Burning Permit Application & Procedure for 2023

Burning permits will be issued through a new web-based permit application through a special online portal. This online portal will allow the Fire Department to view the open burning locations on a map which will then help assist us in public safety and emergency management. 

Please do not call Emergency Dispatch for questions regarding the status of your burning permit.  Questions should be directed to the Fire Department's main office (Monday through Friday) or the Deputy Fire Chief on duty.

Read about this new application process and what can and cannot be burned here:
Westfield Fire Department Press Release for 2023 Open Burning Season 

A daily open burning permit will be $10 per day and a seasonal permit is $25. 

Register for the online portal at Westfield.firepermits.com
If you run into any trouble registering for the online portal, see the step by step guide here.

Apply for the permit and residents will then be directed to Unipay to process the permit fee with an electronic check, debit or credit card. Residents will receive an email approval notification after receipt of payment.  The online permit portal and Unipay are now available to log in and apply for the seasonal permit and process the $25 seasonal permit fee.

Daily burn permits are only valid on the day it is purchased.  This purchase option will not be made available until January 15, 2023. Once your permit is paid for, please activate your permit to burn for that day. Your daily burn permit expires in the portal at 11:59 p.m. on the day it is purchased BUT your burn pile must be extinguished by 4 p.m.  

To activate your permit, visit  Westfield.firepermits.com between the hours of 9 a.m. and noon on the days you want to burn. 

If burning is not allowed on a specific day due to weather conditions, a notification will be posted on the online portal and burning permits will be locked for the day. 

Portal Tips: 
During the first weekend, some residents applied for multiple permits in error. Any residential property that had duplicate entries for a permit had a denial for the duplicate application(s).  

When entering the address of where you are burning on the permit portal, make sure you add "Westfield, MA" after the address.  You may need to separate the address and the city and city/state with a comma.  (For example.  34 Broad Street, Westfield, MA.) You do not want to select an address in a different city and/or state.

On the UniPay payment site, you are able to check out as a "guest" instead of creating a user name and password.  There are multiple steps when checking out through the UniPay process.  Keep proceeding through their website.  

Westfield Open Burning summary with QR Code for application website