Map & Prominent Stones

The map below represents a block plan for the Old Burying Ground. The (letter) following the name of historically significant individuals buried at the cemetery indicates the area in which their grave may be found.

Old Burying Ground map.

The Old Burying Ground-Prominent Stones


General William Shepard

(1737-1817) (G)
  • Died November 16, at the age of 80.
  • Served with George Washington during the Revolutionary War.
  • Put down Shay’s Rebellion at the Springfield Armory.
  • Served as a Massachusetts State Legislator and as a Congressman in the Sixth and Seventh Congresses in Philadelphia and Washington.

Dewey Memorial Stone

  • Thomas Dewey settler, died in 1648, buried in Windsor Connecticut. Descendants of Thomas Dewey include Admiral George Dewey, John Dewey; Philosopher and Educator, Melvil Dewey creator of the Dewey Decimal System, and Thomas Dewey; Governor of New York and candidate for President of the United States.

General Wareham Parks

  • Served during the Revolutionary War.

Reverend Edward Taylor

  • First pastor of the Puritan Church in Westfield.
  • A published Colonial poet.

Lieutenant Richard Falley Jr.

  • Served as General Washington’s chief armorer in Boston during the Revolutionary War.
  • Manufactured muskets at his secret armory in Westfield.

Abigail Noble

  • Died July 3 1683 at the age of 20.
  • Oldest known stone in The Old Burying Ground.

Thomas Ingersoll

  • State Representative who petitioned the General Court for the establishment of the boundary lines for Westfield.

Reverend Nehimiah Bull

  • Died in 1740
  • Second Pastor of the Puritan Church

Samuel Mather

  • Stone has a profile portrait of Samuel Mather on it.

John Crooks

  • A 17 year old boy who was buried for 100 years before vandals desecrated his grave in 1993.

Mary N. Fox

  • Most recent burial, died April 8, 1934 at age 93.

Hannah Noble

  • Widow of Paul Noble, only stone recording 100 years of age.