Riverfront Development

In 2012, the Great River Bridge project was completed, spurring renewed interest and discussion about access and use of the Westfield River. The specific opportunity is a four acre area on the southern bank of the Westfield River, between the soon-to-be Columbia Greenway bike path and the approach to the Great River Bridge on Elm Street. This site overlooks the Westfield River and is comprised of multiple parcels, including several city-owned parcels. This investment will provide an additional step in improving the area and setting the stage for further growth in the Great River Bridge area.


Westfield is a city of 41,025 residents according to the most recent American Community Survey. Westfield has been working over the past two decades to diversify its economic base from one reliant principally on industry and manufacturing to a more diverse economy, which includes manufacturing, as well as education, health care, distribution and logistics. A major focus has been the revitalization of downtown Westfield and the vision for the Westfield River to be a premier regional recreational amenity that will drive the regeneration of Elm Street and the nearby downtown core.

Westfield residents take pride in their community as a good place to live that is family-friendly. Many see the riverfront area as a major opportunity for the City to draw upon Westfield’s industrial heritage and history as the Whip City, as well as its small city ambiance with parks, a strong quality of life, and Westfield State University.

This feasibility study is the next step in evaluating how to best use the 4.21 acre riverfront area to realize the vision of a revitalized riverfront with mixed-use development and recreational opportunities. The vision includes the riverfront site serving as a gateway to downtown Westfield, the rehabilitation of existing buildings, construction of new in-fill development and stronger connections to adjacent neighborhoods and nearby Whitney Field. Whitney Field is a seventeen acre active recreational park on the riverfront, approximately 800 feet to the west of the site.

For the full feasibility study, see the Westfield Riverfront Development & Feasibility Study.


Currently there are three scenarios, each with two board renderings:

Animated renderings with final image renderings can be seen on the Animated Renderings page to the left.