Detective Bureau

A vital police function is the effective investigation of reported crimes. The goal of any police investigation is to successfully identify and bring criminal offenders before the court. Many times this is accomplished by the patrol officer, the backbone of all law enforcement agencies. When the crime reported is of a serious nature, or requires extended investigation, a detective will be assigned to the case.

A Detective is a police officer who has received specialized training to further investigate and help prosecute reported crimes that may require extended investigation. The Westfield Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for these investigations when the crimes reported are alleged to have taken place in Westfield. The narcotics unit also falls within the scope of the Detective Bureau.

Organization of Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is currently staffed with eight Detectives, two Detective Sergeants and one Detective Lieutenant.

Day Shift - 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

  • Detective Lieutenant Scott Phelon - Commander of the Detective Bureau. He is directly responsible for the effective functioning of the unit and the supervision of all detectives. 
  • Detective Todd Edwards - Financial/cyber crime investigator / Forensic evidence collection.
  • Detective Anthony Tsatsos - General criminal investigator/Forensic evidence collection/Sexual assault/Child abuse investigator
  • Detective Christopher Coach - General Investigator / Forensic evidence collection
  • Detective Jason Williams - Financial/cyber crime investigator / Forensic evidence collection

Evening Shift -  4 p.m. to 12 a.m.

  • Detective Sergeant Seth Florek - Second in command of the Detective Bureau and supervisor of the evening shift detectives. 
  • Detective Sergeant Brian Freemen - Supervisor for Narcotics investigatoins/Forensic evidence collection/Fire Investigations.
  • Detective Andrew Cekovsky - Sexual assault/Child abuse investigator/General criminal investigator
  • Detective Rick Mazza - General criminal investigator/Forensic evidence collection.
  • Detective Scott Schuster - General criminal investigator/Forensic evidence collection
  • Detective James Renaudette - Responsible for investigating narcotics related criminal activity.