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Filing an Application

City planning staff are available to discuss land use and development proposals in all stages of project planning, and applicants are encouraged to contact us early on. The City's pre-application procedures include Zoning Determination reviews and willingness to assemble inter-departmental "Round Table" discussions with applicants. These mechanisms promote awareness of other local permitting and may expedite the timeline by allowing many concerns to be highlighted and addressed before the formal review of a project at the public hearing, whether before the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, or City Council. Nevertheless, and considering mandatory notice and appeal periods, at least two months should be allotted for most permitting approvals.

Zoning Determination Requirement

A processed form for Zoning Determination (also referred to as a Zoning Permit) must be obtained and included with any filing for a Special Permit, Site Plan Approval or Variance. It is also required for constructing any structure or for changing or expanding the use of any building or lot (Sec. 1-10.4). The application is free and is to be filed with the Building Department.

Zoning Forms & Instructions

Non-Zoning Forms & Instructions

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Pending Applications & Amendments

Current and recent public hearing matters before the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Appeals may be viewed online.