Master Plan

Development of a master plan is a charge of the Planning Board under MGL Chapter 41 § 81D, and it will cover a range of subject matters: Land Use and Zoning; Housing; Economic Development; Natural Resources; Water Supply; Art, Cultural & Historic Resources; Open Space & Recreation; Public Services & Facilities; Natural Hazards & Climate Adaptation; Agriculture; Energy; and Circulation, Transportation & Mobility. This effort is being championed by a Master Plan Committee and its consultant, Weston & Sampson (along with RKG Associates and the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission).  This is a generational opportunity for a community conversation that sets a course for the City’s future. Long overdue, this process was last undertaken back in 1962. The new plan is anticipated for completion and adoption by June 2023. 

Public Participation

A master planning effort is only successful if it represents the needs and vision of the whole community, so the Committee is striving to achieve robust public participation throughout the process. To raise awareness of this project and highlight the need for public input, we had a presence at various events in the City- from the Farmers' Market to PumpkinFest. Hundreds of community members took our master plan survey (offered in the summer/fall), and dozens participated in November’s public visioning workshop. Thank you to all who helped establish the direction for our plan!

While we are currently formulating our goals, policies and actions in each topic area, we continue to welcome public comment at each Master Plan Committee meeting, typically the 3rd Tuesday of each month (meeting notices are posted in advance per Open Meeting Law), and the Planning Department is always open to receiving citizens’ concerns and ideas on any master plan topic. Another general public session will be offered in late winter/early spring to present a draft of the Master Plan and solicit further community input. Check back here as the project progresses.

Master Plan Committee

The Master Plan Committee, first organized in the Fall of 2021, is comprised of twelve citizens appointed by the Mayor, two Planning Board members, a City Councilor and a Westfield State University representative. The Planning Department provides staff support and accepts correspondence for the Committee. View their meeting agendas and minutes

  • Jay Ducharme, Chair  
  • Rick Barry  
  • Jennifer Battles
  • Jillian Battles 
  • Brent Bean II (City Council)   
  • Sharon Greany           
  • Rania Kfuri                  
  • Les Pooler                  
  • Bernie Puza (Planning Board)
  • Richard Salois (Planning Board)                     
  • Bill Schneeloch           
  • Alexandra Smialek     
  • Maureen Socha (WSU)
  • Harrison Stefano        
  • Agma Sweeney           
  • Melissa Trzasko

Other Plans

While the following recent Planning Department initiatives are not as comprehensive in scope, they guide other policy decisions are expected to inform the development of the master plan.

[This page was last updated on February 17, 2023]