Pending Applications

Public Hearing Information

Public input is accepted relative to the below zoning or subdivision matters, in person or in writing, prior to the close of the public hearing. The date, time and location where interested persons should appear are described in the Public Hearing Notice, which can be viewed in the online Agenda Center by clicking on the application's reviewing authority: Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, or City Council.


Files posted here are for the convenience of public access in describing the overall scope of an application. Not all or subsequently submitted application information or correspondence may appear here, due to format, file size, timing or other constraints. The complete and current record of application is available for viewing at the Department of Community Development & Planning during regular business hours.

Special Permits / Site Plans / Subdivisions / Variances / Appeals

Applications submitted to, pending approval of, or recently acted upon by the Planning or Zoning Boards are posted below. Special permits under the jurisdiction of City Council may be inspected at the City Clerk's office.

Zoning Ordinance / Map Amendments

Petitions pending, or recently acted upon, for Planning Board recommendation and City Council adoption are posted below. These amendments, when and as adopted, are available in their final form at the City Clerk's office. The Zoning Ordinance and map are periodically updated to incorporate these changes.

Conservation Commission / Wetlands Filings

While not within the Planning Department's charge, the Conservation Commission is also regularly involved in land use decisions, particularly regarding wetlands protection. A link to filings which they have posted online is provided here for convenience.

  • View Conservation Commission Filings