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Contamination Response Measures Result in National Award

In October 2019 the Westfield Water Department was awarded the #1 Top Project Award by the Water and Wastes Digest, a national publication dedicated to water and wastewater utilities. This accolade was granted for the Department's response to treat water from wells that had been contaminated with PFAS, a chemical found in firefighting foam used at the Barnes Air National Guard Base. Temporary and permanent treatment measures were quickly put in place, gaining high praise from the publication.

Click here to see Assistant Director of Public Works Fran Cain in a video posted on the Water and Wastes Digest site.

Click here to see WWLP 22 News coverage of the story.

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Click here to view "Troubled Waters: The Fight Against PFAS" on YouTube

Perfluorinated Compounds Testing Results

Massachusetts Executive office of Energy and Environmental Affairs has a Data Portal that hosts all of the PFAS sampling results for communities around the state at this website:

State of MA EEA Data Portal

By entering "Westfield Water Dept" in the PWS Name field or "1329000" in the PWS ID field and "PFAS" in the Contaminant Group field, a list is quickly generated of the thousands of PFAS sampling results that Westfield DPW-Water Division has had over the past several years. These results are independently quality control checked by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection directly from the lab sampling reports.

This portal makes it simple and fast to find the information, therefore the DPW-Water Division will no longer post the lengthy, large data file of individual lab reports on this site.

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