Civic & Education

Three former school buildings are listed on the National Historic Register; two former College buildings and one former elementary school,Westfield Normal School, Westfield Normal Training School, and Prospect Hill School.

View of the Westfield municipal building from Court StreetWestfield Normal School

The Westfield Municipal Building (NRHP Reference # 78000449) at 59 Court Street was once the home of the Westfield Normal School. Built in 1889 this imposing brick structure was home to the early Westfield State College. Young women from all over the state came to the teacher training facility to intern as school teachers. The Court Street/King Street campus included the present City Hall as well as Dickinson Hall (no longer existent).

View of the Normal Training school from Washinton Street.

Westfield Normal Training School

The women took classes in the Normal School and practice taught in the affiliated building on Washington Street, the Westfield Normal Training School (NRHP Reference # 83000769). Both buildings were designed by the same architectural firm, Hartwell & Darling and were home to the first teacher training school in Massachusetts. The historical link with the present day Westfield State College is made even stronger as the Washington Street building is now, once again, the property of the Westfield State College. The Westfield State Foundation has plans to include the structure in the New Westfield downtown renewal.

View of the front of Prospect Hill school.

Prospect Hill School

Prospect Hill School (NRHP Reference # 08001069), a proud city institution was the educational Mecca to the “Hill” neighborhood for over 100 years. It has recently been converted into affordable housing units and has retained much of the flavor of its past by retaining blackboards in many units for the use of residents and as a tie to its historic past. Domus Inc, a public service corporation has recently successfully applied for the former school.