Volunteer With Westfield's Parks & Recreation Department

Volunteers can demonstrate to the community that people really care about the parks and recreation programs by wanting to help with their operation and improvements of them. Citizens who volunteer can take back into the community a true picture of the Westfield Parks and Recreation Department and can be ambassadors of goodwill. 

In the summer months we accept junior leaders ages 13 - 15 to help out with some of our programs such as soccer, basketball, t-ball, theater arts, nature camps, playground program, basketball, and tennis,  If you would like to volunteer, call the office at (413) 572-6263 and you will be mailed a volunteer packet.

Junior Leaders ages 13-15 for the Adventure Zone summer day camp there are fees each week per age group plus field trip expenses. Call our office for a detailed form ad junior Leader packet before May 31. 

All Volunteer coaches, staff, and volunteers will be required to submit to a CORI / SORI check (a criminal background check) and read and sign a conflict of interest form. Please see the Coaches’ Code of Conduct for information on how to behave during sporting events. 

We're always looking for parents to volunteer for t-ball, soccer, and basketball.