Flood Control Commission


  • 7 p.m.
  • Third Wednesday of the month
  • City Hall
    59 Court Street
    Westfield, MA 01085


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Per Chapter 13 of the City of Westfield Code of Ordinances (Exhibit A), the mission of the Flood Control Commission has been defined as monitoring and reporting on dikes and waterways vital to the city’s interest. Construction of the Arm Brook and Powdermill Brook Flood Control Dams broadened this mission to include routine maintenance and essential improvements. It is therefore the mission of the Flood Control Commission to perform these duties to the fullest extent possible.

Performance Evaluation

The dikes and waterways considered vital to the city have been identified as follows:


  • Arm Brook Dam
  • Powdermill Brook Dam
  • Little River Dike
  • Westfield River Dike
  • Westfield River Flood Way
  • Williams Riding Way Flood Control Pump Station
The Flood Control Commission routinely monitors and reports on each of these facilities. In addition the Commission has assisted federal and state agencies in similar activities.

The dike clearing effort will be completed by the end of June. In addition to routine maintenance a few large trees on the protected side of the dike are yet in need of removal. These achievements are only possible through a constant and routine approach with the support of Mayor Sullivan and the City Council. The Commission’s attention is now focused on clearing the Westfield River Flood Way. A Notice of Intent had been filed with the DEP who requires a hydrologic study of the flood way to substantiate the clearing need. The Notice of Intent has since been withdrawn pending completion of the study. A modest increase in funding may be necessary to attain this.Although covers have been replaced on the parapet caps and over the sump pit no changes have occurred with regards to the Williams Riding Way Flood Control Pump Station and its dependency of the Department of Public Works for maintenance.


The regular grooming and maintenance of the dams and dikes is the first goal of the Commission. With appropriate annual funding the benefits of the dike clearing program can be realized through cost savings and aesthetic appreciation of the grooming effort and clearing of the flood way. A completion of June 2006 is projected for the Westfield River Flood Way clearing.A second goal is repair of the Williams Riding Way Flood Control Pump Station, particularly replacement of the engine exhaust pipes and mufflers on the pumps and inspection with recommended repairs on the remaining station to assure its readiness in the event of an emergency.


The trust of the city fathers has not been disappointed. The commission has continued its maintenance effort and succeeded in the ominous clearing effort with minimal financial burden. Numerous issues remain outstanding with which the commission continues to struggle. Resolution of which will unquestionably require the continued support of mayor and the City Council.


2020-2021 Annual Report
2021 Little River Levee Special Report
Recommendations for the Rehabilitation of Powdermill Brook & Arm Brook Flood Control Dams