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Mark Devine
Chairman - Elected Member
Edward Murphy Mayor's Appointment
Christopher Kane
Elected Member
Vicki Leigh Moro, Auditor Ex-Officio Member
Michael Powers
Board Appointment


The Retirement System is run by a five-member board, which consists of the following:
  • 2 - Elected Members, who are elected by the members of the retirement system and who must be members of the retirement system. Each has a term of three years.
  • 1 - Boards’ Appointment, who is appointed by the four other board members and can not be a city employee, retiree or official. This appointment has a three-year term.
  • 1 - Ex-Officio member, who is the city auditor for the City of Westfield. This person will be a member of the board as long as this person remains as city auditor
  • 1 - Mayors’ Appointment, who is appointed by the mayor of Westfield and can be anyone the mayor chooses. They will hold the position until the mayor makes a new appointment.
As of December 31, 2019 the membership in the Westfield Contributory Retirement System is:
  • Employees 1104
  • Retirees 716
  • Total: 1820
To get actual estimates of your retirement or information regarding your account please contact the retirement office.