Mayor Michael A. McCabe Welcomes you to the City of Westfield.

Our City has a rich history, and strong sense of community. Established in 1669 as the westernmost town of the then Massachusetts Colony, it carries the nickname earned from one of its major early industries. It is known as “The Whip City”.

Today, Westfield is home to approximately 41,000 residents. It is a community with so much to offer; a vibrant Council on Aging, both public and private schools, and an increasing number of businesses, large and small.  Westfield State University, Stanley Park, and Baystate Noble Hospital are a few of our larger amenities, and we have many community partners that offer arts, active lifestyle options, and entertainment for all ages.

Mayor McCabe took office on January 3, 2022 ready to work with the various City Departments to continue to maintain and improve the quality of life for Westfield's residents.

By earmarking funds from the American Rescue Plan Act and asking City Council to allocate funds to be used for the improvement of infrastructure, The Mayor is working to  decongest traffic on the 251 miles of City roads. Mayor McCabe has also been calling on State partners to assist in the redesign of the exit 41 interchange (formerly exit 3) on the Massachusetts Turnpike.  Traffic flow and roads conditions are a priority, with a specific eye on neighborhoods in Wards 2 and 3 at the heart of our Environmental Justice community.

Keeping and increasing the vitality of our downtown corridor is another area of focus. In an effort to entice pedestrian traffic to our shops and restaurants and make Westfield a destination city, the Mayor is working with the department of Community Development to establish incentive programs available to existing and prospective small business owners to build their businesses. The Mayor's office is also collaborating with several departments to improve current public gathering spaces, and develop new open air spaces, to encourage the expansion of cultural, artistic and entertainment events. 

The Mayor’s Office is responsible for coordinating a variety of services throughout the city.  In an effort to maintain accessibility with the public, and to keep the lines of communication open, comments, questions or concerns can be directed to the Mayor’s office. To stay informed on any news, events, or updates, please visit this page often, or join Mayor McCabe's Facebook Page.

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Mayor Michael McCabe